Arkansas COVID-19 Info

Last Update From Governor:
My name is Josh Spurgers.
I am an Arkansas native and Fayetteville resident since 2009.

All of the data collection and web design for this site was done by me in my spare time (of which I have an abundant supply lately), and I plan to continue collecting data as long as the pandemic continues.

Arkansas has done a decent job at presenting current statistics, but there is absolutely no resource for viewing historical data. We should be able to see all past data for ourselves, which was my motivation for creating this resource.

Beginning in May, I began collecting data by watching every COVID-19 update video the governor had ever posted. I was still missing some data and had to rely on a few news outlets for the missing data.

Now that the spreadsheet is created, I attempt to source all data directly from the governor's update videos. However, the governor does not give updates every day, and sometimes he skips certain data points during his updates. When I am unable to source data directly, I use the Arkansas Department of Health websites.

All data on this site is pulled from my spreadsheet each time a page is loaded.

I am not associated with the state of Arkansas or the Arkansas Department of Health. I do not receive any sponsorship or compensation for this website, monetary or otherwise, nor does the site generate any revenue. All costs associated with maintaining and hosting the site are paid by me, and all elements and code for the site are my own design.

If you would like contact me, please email: